Model SYK202
Item Name 20Gal-Drum Overpack Spill Kits(Oil Only)
Size 75~100 L / 20~26 Gal
Color Yellow
Material 20 pcs 50cm×40cm absorbent Pad, 4 pcs 7.6cm×120cm absorbent sock, 5 pcs 45cm×45cm absorbent pillow, 3 pcs
hazamat disposal bags, 3 pcs rope, 1 pc Ra×-9202 safety goggle, 1 pc safety gloves, 1 pc user manual, weight (Kgs.):11.3
Description SYSBEL Spill Kits is suitable for fast, efficient and professional
treatment of spills.
If spill or leakage occurs, you have to race against time to handle
it, SYSBEL professional- Emergency Treatment Package will help
you! There is always a right model for you!
20Gal-Drum Overpack Spill Kits
With a variety of adsorption materials, help you respond quickly
to unexpected incidents, and can isolate hazardous waste and
contaminants with the spill barrel to prevent secondary leakage
hazard, which is suitable for large-scale spill.
Certifications NA