Model NA
Item Name Portable Spill Kit(Oil Only)
Size 35~50 L / 9~13 Gal
Color Yellow/Black
Material 25 pcs 50cm×40cm absorbent pad, 3 pcs 7.6cm×120cm absorbent sock,1 pc hazamat disposal bags, 1 pc rope, 1 pc Ra×-
9202 safety goggle, 1 pc safety gloves, 1 pc user manual, weight(Kgs.):2.75
Description SYSBEL Spill Kits is suitable for fast, efficient and professional
treatment of spills.
If spill or leakage occurs, you have to race against time to handle
it, SYSBEL professional- Emergency Treatment Package will help
you! There is always a right model for you!
Portable Spill Kit
Carring flexible, suitable for small leaking.
Certifications NA