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Aluminized Suit

Product Description

One-piece suit: multi-layer suit, with back pocket for holding respirator with 1 or 2 bottles- Wide back opening with zipper closure protected by two safety flap with press-studs. Straight sleeves with hooks on the bottom to quickly side off the mittens.

Gaiters on the legs protect the boots. Hood with a padded integrated helmet with chin fastener.- Visor with curved safety glass, gold-coated, layered, and easy to replace. Mittens with wing thumb and sleeves in aluminized Kevlar.

Boots- with quick back slip-off feature and leather Kevlar coated sole fastened on the instep of the foot and the legging with adjustable straps.


Excellent protection against radiant heat


The thermal barrier is obtained through the layering of materials. This feature allows for the trapping of air between one layer and the other to obtain maximum insulation without creating particular problems for the user, hence assure freedom of movement for the wearer.


Maximum lightness = Same safety level


Aluminized – Grey


  • External: Aluminized aramid
  • Padding: 2 layers of fire-retardant 100% aramid fibre
  • Lining: 100% cotton Flame retardant

Product Use

The clothing is specifically designed to face emergency situations in case of fire or particular interventions in the presence of free flames, according to the European standards EN 1486/96 (for the specific requirements for reflecting clothing for special fire-fighting operations).

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