PASS Device / Motion Sensor

Product Description

Used with the Stand-Alone Super PASS® 5X or TPASS® 5 to protect all firefighters at all times. Used as the firefighter’s primary PASS for NFPA1500 compliance taking accountability to a new level. Firefighter accountability is not just for the IDLH environment. Protect your firefighter in every environment.


  • No more interrupting fire ground operations for a voice radio par check
  • No more chaos caused by poor radio audio quality and muffled voices
  • No more struggling to discern who is acknowledging your PAR Check
  • Immediately identify who is calling a “May Day”
  • Immediately identify who has acknowledged the EVAC command
  • Automated Electronic Roll call and PAR call
  • Stand-Alone PASS used at any incident by every fire fighter at all times


  • PAR: Personal Accountability Report
  • MAYDAY: When a MAYDAY is called, everyone on the scene knows a Fire Fighter needs help whether it’s a Trapped Fire Fighter or Lost Fire Fighter
  • Brand Grace Industries
  • Origin USA
  • Color Yellow / Black
  • Standard NFPA1982, 2013 Edition (Please check standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems), TIA 13-2 Compliant, Intrinsically Safe to UL913 / CSA C22.2, No: 157

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