Rescue Chute

Product Description

Emergency Escape Chute System for rescue operational activities


An Escape Chute is a special kind of Emergency Exit used where conventional Fire Escape Stairways are impractical.

The Chute is a fabric tube installed near a special exit on an upper floor or roof of a building, or a tall structure. During use, the chute is deployed and may be secured at the bottom by a fire Fighting Crew some distance out from the building. Once the tube is ready, escapees enter the tube and slide down to a lower level or the ground level.

This type of emergency evacuation method is effective and very simple to use in relatively low buildings and when the line or path of descend is not compromised by fire or smoke. However, users require a reasonable level of courage and physical abilities to manage and control the speed of the descend. The Escape Rescue System offers a totally different paradigm as it is available to evacuate people with physical impairment in total comfort and safety.

  • Colour White

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