Spill Pallets

Product Description

The poly spill pallet is actually a spill-proof plastic pallet with sump and forklift groove. It can be used for storing, handling and transferring oil drums and chemical drums. All liquid leaking out will flow into the sump rather than the ground. With the supporting ramp, chemical drums can be handled easily and quickly. The highstrength mobile and removable grate is easy to remove, clean and replace. Liquid in the sump can be discharged through the leakage holes, and most of liquid can be recycled.

Application of hydraulic carrier:2T hand manual hydraulic carrier (Model with Narrow Separation distance of 2 fork pockets)

  • Rated Load 2000 kg
  • Fork Length (L) 1150 mm
  • Fork Size (S) 150 mm
  • Fork Wide (W) 540 mm

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