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Fire Blanket

Product Description

Fire Blankets for the immediate rescue operations and cover up against flash fire mainly in cooking areas, flash fires in other areas etc.


  • Extinguishes fire by suffocating it; extinguishes both liquid and grease fire
  • Unlike the Fire Extinguishers, the Fire Blanket does not leave a mess after a fire.
  • Ideal for the kitchen, fire place, grill, car and camping
  • Can also be used to wrap around the body and act as a heat shield
  • Sizes are in 4’x 4’ and 4’ x 6’


  • Fire blankets are made of fire resistant glass fibre fabric with silicone coating. It is primarily intended for extinguishing cooking oil fires in the kitchen
  • Turn Off any heat source that is contributing or around the fire
  • Remove the Fire Blanket by pulling down sharply on the tabs hanging from the bottom of the package
  • Protect your hands from the fire as much as possible
  • Carefully place the blanket over the fire
  • Leave the Blanket in place for at least 15 minutes
  • Call the Fire Service
  • Standards BS EN 1869

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