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Worthing S3 SRC Safety Shoes

Product Description

Black water repellent grain leather slip-on shoe, leather lining, antistatic, anti-shock, slipping resistant, non metallic APT Plate midsole Zero Perforation.

Plus: Footwear completely free from metal parts. COFRA SOFT, footbed made of scented PU, anatomic, soft and comfortable; the shape of the bottom part guarantees impact energy absorption (shock absorber) and high grip; the upper part absorbs moisture and keeps the foot dry. Firm support made of polycarbonate and fibreglass conveniently placed between heel and sole, which provides support and protection of the plantar arch, thus preventing harmful bendings. Padded collar..

Suggested uses: Footwear for uniforms, occupational and service.

S3 SRCClean after each use and dry off away from direct heat; treat the leather with a suitable shoe-polish. Avoid contact with aggressive chemicals or extreme temperature. Avoid immersion in sea water, lime water or cement mixed with water.

  • Product Reference 33520-000
  • Safety category S3 SRC
  • Range of sizes 38 - 47 (5 - 12)
  • Shape A
  • Weight (sz. 8) 530 g
  • Wide 11

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