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Electrical Gloves

Product Description

Rubber insulating electrical gloves are among the most important articles of personal protection for electrical workers. To be effective, electrical safety gloves must incorporate dielectric properties and physical strength, along with flexibility and durability. To help ensure safety and performance

Black nylon glove with black-colored latex covering.


General Handling Mechanical risks. Special glove for general handling tasks, handling of abrasive and slippery objects…

Features and Advantage

  • Latex is a natural substance, which provides great comfort thanks to its high flexibility; it also provides excellent grip and resistance to abrasion.
  • Excellent anti-slip grip provides an excellent grip in damp and abrasive conditions, with a strong resistance to tearing.
  • Highly breathable nylon.
  • Dark color for work that stains.
  • Size 7|8|9|10

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