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Aluminium Mobile Tower

Product Description

Single Width Mobile Tower

These Tower Systems are fast and easy to erect and ideal for Maintenance work indoor and outdoor. If there is narrow space for placing a Mobile tower, this mobile tower offers an excellent solution with its 90cm wide frames.


  • Width available: 0.78M
  • Mainframe Height: 1.5M and 2M
  • Length Available: 1.58M, 1.78M, 2.08M and 2.55M.

Double Width Mobile Tower

It is the most popular mobile scaffolding tower, available in 1.39M Wide Frames, this system has numerous applications for both interior and exterior use. The maximum working height for interior work is 14M and exterior work is 10M.

Equal-length braces, stabilizers, platforms, wheel legs, and toe boards can be interchanged between single-width mobile scaffolding towers.


  • Width available: 1.20M, 1.39M, 1.60M and 2.00M.
  • Mainframe height: 1.5M, 2M.
  • Length available: 1.78M, 2.08M, 2.55M and 2.98M.

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