Tyvek Disposable Coverall

Product Description

Tyvek disposable coveralls protect workers from dry particulates in asbestos and lead abatement, paint spraying, maintenance, and more. Comfortable, disposable Tyvek coveralls feature an improved fit and an elastic waist in the back for easy movement. Deliver this excellent protection to workers today.

  1. The 3-piece hood fits tightly, even when wearers move their heads.
  2. Exterior stitched seams for high-level protection from the outside.
  3. With a 3-piece gusset and elasticated waist, the Tyvek® garment ensures an optimal fit with better freedom of movement.
  4. A tight seal at the critical points of the garment: Tyvek® zipper with protective flap, elasticated cuffs, and ankles, elasticated facial opening

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